The Pinterest Life

Society pitts women against each other.

We constantly feel a need to compete; to be good enough in every area of our lives. We compare our cooking to the chefs on FoodNetwork. We compete with the constant barrage of half-naked women streaming into our home through catalogs. magazines, television, our phones and computers. They make us feel as though our body continually needs to be tweaked no matter what shape we are in. Other moms in our kids’ classes seem to do so much more than we do.  They are room moms, have full time jobs, have leadership roles at their church and/or Bible Study Fellowship. We have so many pins our Pinterest boards that if we were able to accomplish them all, we would never die. Our society, and even our churches, have adopted the mentality that women can even compete with men and do anything and everything they can do.

So, we fill our lives with activity, exercise, several Bible studies, serve at our church, try to cook full meals while running kids everywhere trying to be the perfect mom, be the perfect wife, work to provide more income for our families, and the list goes on.

That made me stressed just writing it.  What awful feelings were dredge up for me.  Like the fear I felt every time my child brought home a “project” from school —  a diorama (creating a 3-d scene in a shoe box from a book they had read ) or a costume created to go along with an oral book report, or creating a time line on poster board for history class, or worse, the dreaded science fair approaching. Ahhhhh!  I am not given to panic attacks — that is unless you make me go to a craft store.  Then all of a sudden, I can’t breathe, my head starts to spin out of control, and my hands start to shake.  I cannot get out of there fast enough. My “projectfobia” stemmed from the very real sense that the project I would help my child create was never going to measure up to the kids in the class who had that “craftee” for a mom. Now that’s competition!

Competition enters our life like a thief and robs us of joy if we aren’t careful. Jesus wants us to have an abundantly full life. “Doing it all” is not the “full” life promised in John 10:10.

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; but I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

He didn’t want us to “fill” our life with competing, but desires us to experience life “full” of contentment and joy. In order to do that we need to live by His standards and not the world’s. Society tells us to add all these things to our resume, but God never intended us to be or do everything.

I just recently read a book by Jen Hatmaker, called For the Love; Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards.  Jen gives some straight talk about how our culture breeds wrong thinking, contrary to God’s intentions.  She says some things up until now I have only been brave enough to think.  I admire her honesty, courage and humor.

You will laugh, nod your head in agreement, be refreshed, and most of all begin to, as Jen says, “Break free of guilt and shame by dismantling the unattainable Pinterest life.”

Stop filling your life, and begin to experience the full life Jesus promised.


Rozanne Frazee