As Close as Your Shadow

PSALM 121:1-2

Are you in a valley right now, staring at a mountain you did’t expect? Maybe the mountain seems so overwhelming you can’t imagine being on top, let alone getting on the other side. Is God really with you? Does He care about your struggle?

Imagine taking a deep breath and stepping back so you can see not just the mountain you are facing but the entire range of mountains. The psalmist prompts us in Psalm 121:1-2 to look higher than the massif to the One who created them.  Your help will be found there.

This psalmist later reminds us a few verses later, “The Lord watches over you.”  He is the “shade at your right  hand.” He’s as close as your shadow. Like your shadow, He will be with you every step of the way. He doesn’t want you to take even one step alone.

In sunlight your shadow is clear, but when things get gray and dark our shadow is hidden. It can be the same with God. Because we can’t see Him, we think He isn’t with us. He may appear to fade or disappear completely as the cloudy circumstances of life roll in. If you pay attention and focus your thoughts on Him, He will show up in a friend’s hug, a sweet word from a co-worker, an encouraging verse or devotional seemingly written directly for you, or even shade at your right hand in the blistering sun.

Can’t even muster the strength to look up right now? Your loving heavenly Father is close enough to place His strong hands under your chin and help you even lift your eyes to Him. Just ask Him, or recite this Belief to yourself over and over until you can lift your eyes unto the hills. I am continually surprised how declaring truth makes a difference in my mental strength and attitude.


Rozanne Frazee